10 Things You Need to Start Reloading (Even If You’re Not a Rifleman)

Starting up a reloading hobby can be a bit intimidating at first. There are a ton of different things to consider, and there’s a whole lot to learn. But starting out is a great way to learn about reloading, and you’ll find that the practice can be a ton of fun.

What do I need to start reloading?

  1. A reloading manual.
  2. A passion for firearms and ammunition.
  3. A set of tools, including:
    • Reloading press
    • Shell holder
    • Reloading die set
  4. A safe place to work.
  5. A reloading bench.
  6. Quality powder and primers.
    • Powder scale (graduated in grains avoirdupois)
    • Powder trickler
    • Powder funnel
    • Priming unit
    • Primer tray
  7. Cleanliness.
  8. A good mindset.
  9. Patience.
  10. And lastly, a desire to improve.

Reloading Manual

If you are starting out in reloading, there is a lot of information out there that is very confusing, and it can be hard to tell which is true and which is a scam.

While you don’t have to be a reloader to use a reloading manual, having one is really helpful when you first start out. You’ll find it much easier to do things like calculate your powder charges and keep track of your parts in a manual.

It also helps if you’re working with someone else, as you can make sure that you’re doing things the right way and not making mistakes.

So it’s important to get a reloading manual that has everything you need, whether you’re reloading for fun or for the competition.

A passion for firearms and ammunition

For most gun owners, their passion for firearms starts at an early age. Some of us were first introduced to guns as a kid, while others learned later in life. Regardless of the age at which we first took a shot at a firearm, there’s no denying that many of us carry our passion for firearms with us throughout our lives. This may be through hunting, shooting competitions, or just spending time in a shooting range, but the fact remains that a passion for firearms is something that can make a great addition to any lifestyle. So if you are someone who wants to add a firearm to your collection, here are some things to consider before you get started.


You don’t need to go to school for it, but you should still read and follow the latest industry-related news, attend events, and talk with other hobbyists. In particular, you should stay up-to-date with new technology, new developments in ammunition, and the latest trends in reloading. To find out more about reloading, check out these articles: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Reloading; 5 Tips to Start Reloading Today; How to Learn How to Reload. If you want to take things a step further, check out the best books on the subject. They’re all listed at the end of this article.

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