Gunsmith School Pennsylvania

Gunsmith School in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great state to study and start a career in the gunsmithing industry. There are several gunsmith schools in Pennsylvania, well-known for producing talented gunsmiths. All the gunsmith universities of Pennsylvania offer different gunsmithing programs, which are necessary to become a professional gunsmith.

In order to become a prosperous gunsmith, you need to master certain areas such as metalwork, blacksmithing, or woodwork.

If you want to build a career in gunsmithing, enroll yourself in the best gunsmith school in Pennsylvania and let your dream come true.

Best Gunsmithing School Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School: The Pennsylvania Gunsmith School is located in Avalon, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, established in 1949. It is one of the oldest gunsmithing schools in Pennsylvania. They train their students with a blend of inventive, advanced, and classical techniques. Also, they help improve the student’s dignity, consciousness, and self-belief. This school’s courses last up to 16 months and are divided into 4 semesters.

Top 7 Gunsmithing Schools in Pennsylvania

School NameServicesContact
First Class Arms Training
First Class Arms Training
Gun Safety Courses
Three Shooting Ranges
Gun accessories
Self Defense Classes
Phone:(251) 824-1776
Location:1 Defenders Way, Coden, AL 36523
SRT Shooting Range
SRT Shooting Range
Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction
Guns & Gunsmiths
Phone:(251) 243-2645
Location:Mobile, AL 36608
Sea School
Sea School
Business & Vocational Schools
Technical & Trade Schools
Phone:(251) 824-4500
Location:9180 Little River Rd, Bayou La Batre, AL 36509
Gold Mine Pawn Shop
Gold Mine Pawn Shop
Check Cashing Service
Guitars & Amplifiers
Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction
Guns & Gunsmiths
Phone:(251) 626-6500
Location:602 Us Highway 98, Daphne, AL 36526
Faulkner State Community College
Faulkner State Community College
Colleges & Universities
Technical & Trade Schools
Phone:(800) 321-3752
Location:440 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532
McCoy Outdoor Company
McCoy Outdoor Company
Guns & Gunsmiths
Hunting & Fishing Preserves
Men's Clothing
Shoe Dyers
Phone:(833) 492-4130
Location:3498 Spring Hill Ave, Mobile, AL 36608
M & A Studios
M & A Studios
Aerial Photographers
Adult Education
Commercial Photographers
Phone:(251) 479-6555
Location:122 S Florida St, Mobile, AL 36606

Gunsmiths in Demand in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the best places to start your career in gunsmithing since the demand for gunsmiths is exceptionally high in this state. As a result, the gunsmith schools are reputed for offering quick-paced courses and hands-on training.

In this state, colleges like Pennsylvania Gunsmith College help to improve a student’s confidence by developing self-awareness. They provide basic, modern, and classic training so that a person can get the desired job.

By acquiring certificates from Gunsmith School Pennsylvania, you will get a job in private and government applications.

Gunsmithing legality in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Government is of utmost strict in terms of handling firearms. Whether you want to start a firearm business or sell or make or customize firearms, a federal firearms license or FFL is necessary. The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) issues this license. To apply for an FFL license, you need to submit

  • Fingerprints to run a criminal history background check
  • Fee for the FFL license

Then, the local ATF field office will conduct an in-person interview with you and provide you with the license when everything is verified.

Online Gunsmith school for Pennsylvania residence

Gunsmith online schools are suitable for those who don’t want to attend and can join in a physical class. Undoubtedly, the cost of online gunsmith schools is less than physical gunsmith schools.

As attending physically is entirely unnecessary in online classes, you can join any online gunsmithing programs according to your choice.

Here is a list of 2 popular online gunsmith schools for Pennsylvania residents.

  • American Gunsmithing Institute: The American Gunsmithing Institute is an industry leader in self-paced gunsmithing training. They provide 4 different levels of gunsmithing courses. Each course covers both basic and advanced gunsmithing. Moreover, they offer video-delivered gunsmith courses, assisting students in joining their course from any location and time.
  • Stratford Career Institute: Stratford Career Institute has the most extensive online gunsmithing programs. After completing the course from Stratford, a student can achieve a certificate in Firearms Technology or an Associate of Science credential in firearms technology.
  • Penn Foster Career School

Gunsmithing school cost

The average gunsmithing school cost in Pennsylvania is $21,500. If you want to live on the campus, this cost range will be $23,167 – $38,428.

However, Pennsylvania students can still choose online courses to minimize their tuition fees. They can attend their classes from home based on their course schedule.

You will love to know that students can apply for loan assistance to reduce the burden of the tuition fee of gunsmith schools in Pennsylvania.


What kind of education do you need to be a gunsmith in Pennsylvania?

A gunsmith needs to attend courses on the below topics.

  • Firearms safety
  • Machine shop safety
  • Firearms repair
  • Stock making
  • Firearms conversion

At the same time, students must improve their knowledge and skill in welding, metal finishing, gun gluing, and working with complex machine tools.

How much does a gunsmith make per hour in Pennsylvania?

According to the Economic Research Institute (ERI), a gunsmith can make $21/hour in Pennsylvania and $43,982 annually.

However, according to, the average annual salary is $37,254 – $49,096. Keep in mind that the salary range depends on your skill level and certifications.

Final Words

Gunsmithing is an exciting career and requires a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. You can earn a decent living after obtaining a course from the best gunsmith school in Pennsylvania. While there are several gunsmith schools in Pennsylvania, choose the right school that fits you most.

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