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Gunsmith License Requirements, Types, and Prices

Professionals who want to work as gunsmiths are required to obtain a gunsmith license called the federal firearm license (FFL). Moreover, a gunsmith license is only gotten after a person has undergone the pre-requisite training through an apprenticeship or by acquiring a degree, diploma, or associate degree.

The gunsmith license is a warrant that authorizes the holder to go ahead with the business of building, testing, and repairing firearms in accordance with the Firearms Act. To get a gunsmith license, you will be required to apply for the license through the acquisition and filing of an application form.

This article provides you with all the basics about getting a gunsmith license and the basic requirements to put in place before making an application.

Gunsmith License Requirements

So, what are the requirements to become a gunsmith?

Before applying for a gunsmithing license, there are some requirements to meet. First, you need to ascertain whether the gunsmithing business you are engaging in is within local and state law.

Also, ensure you have gone through the basic qualifications to become a gunsmith, including apprenticeship and/or obtaining a degree from a gunsmith school.

To apply for a gunsmith license, you will require the following:

  • Ensure you are 21 years or older as of the time of application.
  • You must be a citizen of the country
  • Have a mental and physical fitness certification from a doctor
  • Certificate of gunsmith training
  • No pending criminal charges.
  • You must also meet other ethical and legal conditions.

How To Get a Gunsmith License?

You can get a gunsmith license by filling out and submitting a form, which is obtainable from the relevant regulatory body. For example, if you are applying from the United States, you can request an application form by contacting the ATF. In most cases, you will need to go through your local police department. You will be required to give your bio-data, business name, contact information, and other relevant information. After application, the licensing body will review your form and attempt to verify the authenticity of your information where you may be requested to grant an interview. Once the review process is complete, you will receive your license via the provided mail if the application process is successful.

Federal Firearms Licenses

Federal firearms regulations are constantly changing, and it is important to stay up to date on the latest laws and requirements. Obtaining a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is the first step towards becoming a licensed gunsmith, but it is also important to maintain your license by staying informed about the latest federal firearms regulations.

There are various resources available to help you stay informed about federal firearms regulations, including the ATF website, gun forums, and professional organizations.

Gunsmith License Texas, Florida, and the Other USA States

No matter where you are in the United States of America, the process of getting a gunsmith license is essentially the same. All gunsmiths in the United States will need to obtain a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the body charged with issuing a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The ATF is also responsible for overseeing all gunsmith businesses in the country.

The process of acquiring a license is quite tedious. To obtain a gunsmith license in Texas, applicants have to meet local and state requirements or regulations, which vary from state to state.

In Texas, getting a firearm license is not entirely straightforward. Nonetheless, Texas is a gun-laden state with the most Federal Firearm Licenses. You will have to satisfy federal requirements and the state. You also need to be a registered business or enterprise to get a firearm license in Texas. However, Texas does not require you to have a redundant state-level gun dealer license.

To get a gun license in Florida, you will need to get a firearm license from the ATF with similar requirements as that of the other states.

Gunsmith License Fee

When you think of becoming a licensed gunsmith, one of the thoughts that may be on your mind is the cost of getting a firearm license.

The cost of a firearm license depends on several factors. There are different types of firearm licenses, and the one you get will determine the cost f the license. The fee for a gunsmith license ranges from about $30 to $3000. Aside from the application fee, you will need a license renewal fee every three years. The renewal fee is usually just about the same price as the application fee.

Table 1 Federal-Firearm License Types, Application and Renewal Fee




      Application    |   Renewal(3yrs)

Type 01 Dealer/Gunsmith of Firearms $200 $90
Type 02 Pawnbroker/Dealer of Firearms $200 $90
Type 03 Collector of Firearms $30 $30
Type 06 Manufacturer of ammo $30 $30
Type 07 Dealer/Manufacturer of Firearms and Ammunition $150 $150
Type 08 Importer/Dealer of Firearms $150 $150
Type 09 Dealer of Destructive Devices $3,000 $3,000
Type 10 Manufacturer/Dealer of Destructive Devices, Amor and Amor piercing $3,000 $3,000
Type 11 Importer/Dealer of Destructive Devices $3,000 $3,000

Failure to Get a Gunsmithing License

If you do not get a license, you may not repair and build guns as a gunsmith.  If you handle a gun without a license, you might get caught and charged in court. If you’re arrested with a firearm without a license, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. This attracts a few years of prison time or a fine, or both.

Custom Gunsmithing

Custom gunsmithing is a growing trend in the firearms industry, and as a licensed gunsmith, you will have the skills and knowledge to provide custom services to your clients. Custom gunsmithing includes services such as custom engraving, custom stock work, and custom barrel fabrication.

When searching for custom gunsmithing services, it is important to choose a licensed and experienced gunsmith who has a solid reputation and a long history of providing quality services to their clients.

Gunsmithing Techniques

Becoming a successful gunsmith requires not only obtaining a license and the right tools but also mastering various gunsmithing techniques. From basic gun repair to advanced customization techniques, it is important to have a solid understanding of firearms and how they work.

There are various books and resources available to help you learn about gunsmithing techniques, including instructional videos, online courses, and hands-on training programs. Practicing and honing your skills through hands-on experience is the best way to become a successful gunsmith.


Do you need a license to become a gunsmith?

Yes! If you plan to start a guns business that let’s make, repair, and possess firearms, you need to own a gunsmith license. It is a federal requirement that applies to every country in the world.

What type of Firearm license do I need as a gunsmith?

There are nine different types of firearm licenses. The most popular gunsmith license is the level 1 license, which addresses the most common forms of commercial transactions involving guns. For example, the TYPE 01 FFL lets you buy, sell, and repair guns. Therefore, the type of gunsmith license you need is the TYPE 1 or Level 1 firearm to work as a firearm dealer.

What skills are essential for a gunsmith?

A gunsmith makes guns with detailed specifications. In order to excel as a gunsmith, you will need some basic skills. A vast understanding of metal properties is required. In addition, a gunsmith needs to have good knowledge of woodwork as they will be carving wood to make firearms. Fundamental mechanical expertise is also required to work with gunsmithing tools such as drills and other advanced machines. Critical attention to detail and experience will position a gunsmith to have excellent job opportunities in the firearm industry.


Becoming a licensed gunsmith is a challenging and rewarding career, requiring education, experience, and a passion for firearms. Whether you are an amateur gun enthusiast or a professional gunsmith, obtaining a gunsmith license is the first step towards pursuing a successful career in the firearms industry.

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