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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Vise Jaws for Gunsmithing

Having the appropriate tools is crucial when it comes to gunsmithing. Vise jaws are one such frequently disregarded but essential piece of equipment for a gunsmith. Vise jaws are an accessory that attaches to a vise and aids in firmly grasping and holding things. For secure holding of firearms or firearm parts during maintenance or repair, gunsmiths employ vise jaws.

Gunsmiths face a challenging decision when selecting vise jaws. Vise jaws come in a wide variety of styles and materials, each with its own set of pros and cons. Various vise jaws for gunsmithing will be covered in this article, along with a review of the top options.

The Fundamentals of Vise Jaws for Gunsmithing

A trustworthy set of vise jaws is necessary for a job well done when it comes to gunsmithing. During the repair or modification process, vise jaws keep a firm hold on the gun parts to prevent them from slipping or moving. By providing a soft, non-marring surface, they help shield the gun from scratches or other damage. In conclusion, vise jaws are a vital tool for every gunsmith, and getting the appropriate set can greatly improve the caliber of your work.

Types of Vise Jaws for Gunsmithing

  1. Rubber Vise Jaws
  2. Magnetic Vise Jaws
  3. Aluminum Vise Jaws
  4. Copper Vise Jaws
  5. Steel Vise Jaws

Factors to Consider When Choosing Vise Jaws for Gunsmithing

When choosing the best vise jaws for gunsmithing, there are several factors to consider. These include:


Consideration must be given to the material of the vise jaws. Rubber and copper are softer materials and less likely to damage the handgun, whereas aluminum and steel are tougher and more robust.

Size and Shape

The vise jaws should be the right size and form for the firearms you’re fixing. The inadequate grip could result from using either too tiny or too large of vise jaws.

Coating or Surface Treatment

A surface treatment that won’t ruin the gun’s finish is crucial. Rubber, copper, or plastic coatings are commonly used on vise jaws to prevent damage to the handgun during use.

Grip Strength

The vise’s jaws should have sufficient grip power to safely keep the handgun in place for servicing or repair.

Compatibility with Vise and Firearms

It is important that the vise jaws fit both the vise and the firearms you are repairing. Verify the jaws of the vise are the right size and form before using it.


The cost should be taken into account while selecting the best vise jaws for gunsmithing. There are less expensive choices that can deliver a strong grip and long-lasting performance, even though more expensive vise jaws might provide superior quality and durability.

Reviews of the Best Vise Jaws for Gunsmithing

With the help of our thorough review roundup, learn more about the best vise jaws for gunsmithing. In order for you to choose the option that best suits your needs, we tested the most popular choices.

Rubber Vise Jaws:

Gunsmiths frequently employ rubber vise jaws because they provide a firm hold without harming the weapon. High-quality rubber is often used in their construction, as this ensures that they last for quite some time. The jaws of a rubber vise are both cheap and widely available.

1. ATLIN 6-inch Nylon Vise Jaws: Universal Non-Marring Soft Jaw Pads

ATLIN Vise Jaws 6

Are you tired of damaging your delicate gun parts while clamping them in a vise? Look no further than the ATLIN 6-inch Nylon Vise Jaws. These multi-purpose vise jaws are crafted from a tough yet soft nylon material that will not mar or damage any of your gun parts.

The easy-to-install jaws attach to your vise with 3 neodymium magnets, making installation a breeze. The grooved design of these 6-inch vise inserts makes them ideal for holding threaded gun parts, pipes, tubing, and AN fittings, as well as delicate anodized gun parts.

These universal soft jaw pads are compatible with any 6″ milling vise, machine vise, drill press vise, or bench vise, making them a versatile tool for any gunsmith’s workshop.

With groove sizes of 3/8″ at a 60° angle and vertical grooves of 1/4″, 1/8″, 1/16″, and 5/8″, these nylon vise jaws are perfect for holding a variety of gun parts in place. The horizontal groove of 1/4″ is also great for holding small parts steady.

Not only are these vise jaws perfect for gunsmithing, but they are also popular among woodworkers and jewelry makers. The soft nylon material ensures that your projects will not be marred or scratched, making these vise jaws a must-have for any delicate project.

Overall, the ATLIN 6-inch Nylon Vise Jaws are a versatile and essential tool for any gunsmith looking to protect their delicate gun parts from damage during clamping.

2. ION TOOL Universal Synthetic Rubber Jaws, 6-Inch

 ION TOOL Universal Multi-Groove Vise Jaws, Synthetic Rubber Jaws 6” Green

We are pleased to introduce the ION TOOL Universal Synthetic Rubber Jaws, the perfect gunsmithing equipment. These 6-inch jaws are a necessity for any gun aficionado since they were expertly created with premium synthetic rubber and a precise design.

These jaws are perfect for use with a variety of instruments, including vises, clamps, drill presses, mills, lathes, and more, thanks to their universal magnetic construction. These jaws will securely grip your firearm, whether you’re working on a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, without any damage or marring.

But these jaws are ideal for gunsmithing for more reasons than just their adaptability. The jaws’ multi-groove construction makes them perfect for holding gun barrels, gun stocks, and other cylindrical parts firmly in place. They are designed to grip pipes, dowels, and other round objects.

They are a must-have tool for gunsmiths, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts alike due to their quality and adaptability. These jaws are a must-have item for any workshop because they work well for jewelry making, arts and crafts, and carpentry as well.

Invest in the ION TOOL Universal Synthetic Rubber Jaws right away to advance your gunsmithing tasks!

Magnetic Vise Jaws:

Gunsmiths also have the option of using magnetic vise jaws. They utilize strong magnets to keep the gun from moving around. Holding weapons with unusual curves or shapes is a breeze with magnetic vise jaws. They’re also useful for gripping screws and other small components that larger vice jaws could have trouble grasping.

1. TRISENSE 6″ Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws: Universal Protector for Any Metal Vise, 2-PackTRISENSE 6″ Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws


Upgrade your gunsmithing arsenal with the TRISENSE 6″ Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws, the ultimate solution for securely holding and protecting your valuable firearms during maintenance and repair. These versatile jaws are specially designed to fit any metal vise, making them perfect for use with bench vices, mill clamps, drill press vices, and more.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the TRISENSE 6″ Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws can be used to safely hold wood, metal, plastic, tubing, and threaded items without damaging or marring them. The strong embedded magnets keep the vice jaws securely in place, ensuring that your workpiece stays put while you work.

The V-shaped surface and ledge of these vise jaws are designed to hold and protect round or hex parts while also supporting flat parts during clamping. This makes them ideal for gunsmithing projects where you need to work on various components of your firearm.

Whether you’re a professional gunsmith or a DIY enthusiast, the TRISENSE 6″ Magnetic Soft Vise Jaws are an essential tool that you can rely on for years to come. So, upgrade your workspace today and experience the difference for yourself!

2. WORKPRO 2-Pair Vise Jaw Pads, Magnetic Vice Jaw

WORKPRO 2-Pair Vise Jaw Pads, Magnetic Vice Jaw Covers Protectors

Introducing the WORKPRO 2-Pair Vise Jaw Pads and Magnetic Vice Jaw Covers Protectors Set—the ultimate tool for any gunsmithing project. This set is specifically designed to protect your delicate and intricate gun parts while providing a secure and stable grip.

The set includes both 6-inch soft standard pads and 5-1/2-inch multi-groove jaw pads, allowing you to easily switch between the two depending on the project at hand. The aluminum vise jaws with drawer-type soft pads are perfect for protecting hard workpieces, while the tough multi-groove pads work well for protecting soft workpieces.

The skid-proof surface of the drawer pads has a waffle texture that can hold round or hex parts and support flat parts well. The multi-groove provides five round grooves and 90° and 45° clamping angles, giving you the flexibility to hold a wide range of gun parts in place.

But what sets this vise jaw apart from others on the market are the strong embedded magnets that keep the pads in place, ensuring that your gun parts stay securely held and protected during any gunsmithing project.

The WORKPRO 2-Pair Vise Jaw Pads set is the perfect addition to any gunsmith’s toolkit. Protect your valuable gun parts while getting the job done right with these reliable, versatile, and durable vise jaws.

Aluminum Vise Jaws:

Jaws made of aluminum in a vise are portable and simple to use. They often have a non-marring coating to protect the gun from accidental damage. It is good knowledge that aluminum vise jaws are exceptionally tough and reliable. Those who routinely handle firearms will find them to be an excellent option.

1. Vibrant Performance 20990 Billet Aluminum Vise Jaw

Vibrant Performance 20990 Billet Aluminum Vise Jaw

Introducing the ideal response to all of your gunsmithing requirements: The 20990 Billet Aluminum Vise Jaw from Vibrant Performance—these vise-jaw inserts are the pinnacle of contemporary beauty and functionality. They are made from premium-quality billet aluminum and have a sleek black anodized finish.

These vise jaw inserts, which were created with the gunsmith in mind, have a magnetic backing that assures a firm hold, preventing any unintentional slides or damage to your priceless firearms. They are the best option for any gunsmithing project, no matter how big or small, because of their lightweight design and accurate fit.

These Billet Aluminum Vise Jaws are the ideal combination of strength and use, weighing only 0.01 ounces. They provide a stable and dependable basis for your firearms during upkeep, upgrades, or repairs and fit perfectly into any standard vise.

You can be confident that these vise jaw inserts are constructed with the utmost attention to detail and quality since they are produced in China by the reputable Vibrant Performance brand. Additionally, they come in a handy set of 2, making them a cost-effective and useful option for any gunsmith or firearm enthusiast.

For any dedicated gunsmith, purchasing the Vibrant Performance 20990 Billet Aluminum Vise Jaw is a no-brainer. With this essential item, you can immediately upgrade your gunsmithing equipment and enjoy the unmatched performance and quality only Vibrant Performance can provide. Place your order right away to start down the path to becoming a true master gunsmith!

2. PTNHZ Aluminum 4-inch Vise Jaw

PTNHZ Aluminum 4

The PTNHZ Aluminum 4″ Vise Jaw is the best tool for gunsmithing enthusiasts. This high-end item is intended to make sure that your aluminum hose fittings are put together with the highest care and accuracy. You may be confident that your fittings won’t be marked or scarred during the process by using vise jaw inserts to hold the hex component of aluminum fittings during installation.PTNHZ Aluminum 4

This vise jaw’s adaptability to any size fitting from -3 AN to -32 AN makes it particularly useful for gunsmithing. The magnetic backing of the vise jaw and rapid setups and transfers between vises are further characteristics. This function makes sure that the inserts are always maintained in place, giving your work a stable and strong foundation.

This vise jaw is made of premium, lightweight, polished aluminum that has a blue anodized finish, making it both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting. It is a versatile tool for your gunsmithing needs because of its 4-inch length, which makes it compatible with vises of different diameters.

At PTNHZ, we take great pride in our dedication to ensuring client happiness. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our goods. We are here to give you the encouragement and help you require so that you may get the most out of your gunsmithing experience.

In conclusion, the PTNHZ Aluminum 4″ Vise Jaw is the only choice if you’re searching for a top-notch vise jaw that is specially made for gunsmithing. This device is a great addition to any gunsmithing shop thanks to its adaptability, magnetic backing, and high-quality materials. Place your order right away to benefit from the convenience and accuracy that this vise jaw gives to your work.

Copper Vise Jaws:

If you need a material that is gentler on your workpiece than steel but yet has a firm hold, copper vise jaws are an excellent choice. Copper vise jaws often have a non-marring coating to protect the handgun from accidental scratches. They are also highly sought-after by gunsmiths because of their corrosion-resistant qualities.

1. Wilton 24407 404-5 Copper Vise Jaw Pads, 5-Inch

Wilton 404-5 Copper Vise Jaw Pads

The Wilton 24407 404-5 Copper Vise Jaw Pads are the ideal accessory for any gunsmith. This high-quality item is manufactured to prevent damage to or deformation of your workpieces during clamping processes.

The non-marring feature of these vise jaw pads is crucial when working with delicate gun parts that require special care and attention. These copper jaw caps are 100% copper, providing a sure-grip fit with their polished faces and pliable copper extensions. This means that your workpiece is held firmly in place, but without any damage or deformation to its surface.

These vise jaw pads are also incredibly versatile, offering both permanent and temporary work-holding options. Whether you need to hold your workpiece in place for a short or long period of time, these copper jaw caps are up to the task.

Quality manufacturing is at the heart of the Wilton brand, and these copper vise jaw pads are no exception. Proudly made in the USA, these jaw caps are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring that you have a reliable and long-lasting tool at your disposal.

Furthermore, these vise jaw pads are backed by Wilton’s industry-leading one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This guarantee provides peace of mind that your investment is protected and that you are receiving the highest quality product possible.

In summary, if you’re a gunsmithing enthusiast looking for a reliable and non-marring vise jaw pad, then the Wilton 24407 404-5 Copper Vise Jaw Pads are the perfect choice for you. With their versatile use, sure-grip fit, quality manufacturing, and Wilton Tools Guarantee, these vise jaw pads are a must-have for any serious gunsmithing workshop. Order now and experience the precision and protection that these vise jaw pads provide.

2. Wilton 24405 404-4 Copper Vise Jaw Pads, 4-Inch

Wilton 404-4 Copper Vise Jaw Pads

The Wilton 24405 404-4 Copper Vise Jaw Pads are a necessary piece of equipment for gunsmithing enthusiasts’ workshops. These vise jaw pads were made specifically to guard against distortion and marring of the workpiece during clamping operations.

It’s critical to prevent any surface damage or deformation when working with sensitive gun parts. Because of their polished faces and flexible copper extensions, these copper jaw caps are made entirely of copper and offer a sure-grip fit. You can be sure that your workpiece is being held firmly in place without suffering any harm.

Another key benefit is how adaptable these vise-jaw pads are. Depending on your needs, you can use them for permanent or temporary work. This functionality is particularly crucial when working on various firearms or firearm parts that call for various holding techniques.

These copper vise jaw pads are proudly crafted in the USA using high-quality materials. With the finest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail, Wilton is a company that takes great pride in its products. This is also true of the vise jaw pads, which give you dependable and durable equipment for your gunsmithing shop.

Wilton backs these vise jaw pads with their industry-leading one-year warranty against manufacturing flaws to further ensure the integrity of their product. This warranty gives you the assurance that the goods you’re buying are of the highest caliber and will last for many years.

In conclusion, the Wilton 24405 404-4 Copper Vise Jaw Pads are a necessary item that you must have if you enjoy gunsmithing. These vise jaw pads are a necessity for any serious gunsmithing workshop because of their non-marring feature, sure-grip fit, adaptability, excellent manufacturing, and Wilton Tools Guarantee. Place your order right away to benefit from the accuracy and safety that these vise-jaw pads offer.

Steel Vise Jaws:

Steel vise jaws are the longest-lasting and most sturdy option. Commonly, they have a special coating that won’t scratch the barrel of a gun. Steel vise jaws are widely recognized for their sturdiness and grip, making them an excellent option for people who often work with heavier firearms.

  1. Brownells Steel Vise Jaws:

The Brownells Steel Vise Jaws are made from high-quality steel and are coated with a non-marring surface to prevent damage to the firearm. They are also designed to fit most Vise models and are compatible with a wide range of firearms. These vise jaws provide a strong and secure grip on firearms, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty gunsmithing work.

  1. Wilton 14841 Steel Vise Jaws:

The Wilton 14841 Steel Vise Jaws are another great option for gunsmiths. They are made from high-quality steel and are coated with a non-marring surface to prevent damage to the firearm. These vise jaws are also designed to fit most vise models and are compatible with a wide range of firearms. They provide a strong and secure grip on firearms and are durable enough to withstand heavy use.


When it comes to gunsmithing, having the right tools is essential. Vise jaws are a crucial tool for holding firearms securely in place during maintenance and repair work. When choosing the best vise jaws for gunsmithing, it is important to consider factors such as material, size and shape, coating or surface treatment, grip strength, compatibility with vises and firearms, and price. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. By considering these factors and reviewing some of the top vise jaws on the market, you can make an informed decision and choose the best vise jaws for your gunsmithing needs.

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