Reloading with Precision: Turret Press vs Progressive

There are numerous types of presses on the market that can be used to reload ammunition. Progressive and turret presses are two common choices. But what are they exactly, and how do they compare to one another? In order to help you choose which press might be the best fit for your needs, we’ll look more closely at the features and advantages of both progressive and turret presses in this article.

Let’s define progressive and turret presses before getting into the specifics. A particular kind of reloading press called a progressive press is made to automate the reloading procedure. This means that several actions, including sizing, priming, powder charging, and bullet seating, are carried out each time you pull the handle. On the other side, a turret press is a sort of press that enables you to rotate a turret head to access various dies, allowing you to complete various reloading steps without having to physically swap out dies.

Progressive Presses

Progressive Reloading PressLet’s begin with the progressive press. For those who must quickly and effectively reload large quantities of ammunition, this type of press is ideal. Progressive presses normally cost more than ordinary reloading presses, but they have many advantages that make the extra cost worthwhile.

Types of Progressive Press:

  • Single-stage Progressive Press
  • Multi-stage Progressive Press


Speed is one of the key benefits of a progressive press. With each handle pull, various actions are carried out, allowing you to quickly reload a lot of ammunition. Progressive presses are therefore perfect for high-volume shooting competitions like IPSC and USPSA.

Consistency is another benefit of a progressive press. You may be sure that each round will be loaded to the same specifications as the previous one because every step of the reloading process is automated. This may lead to increased accuracy and closer groups at long range.


However, employing a progressive press has several drawbacks. They take longer to set up than other types of presses, for one, because you have to individually tweak each step of the process. Progressive presses also need more maintenance because there are more moving parts.

Ideal users

A progressive press is probably your best option if you shoot competitively or need to swiftly reload huge quantities of ammunition. It’s also a wise decision if you want to speed up the reloading process and are prepared to spend more money on a press.

Turret Press

Turret pressLet’s now examine turret presses. As you can swap out dies quickly and easily with these presses, they are more adaptable than progressive presses. They are therefore perfect for people who reload a wide variety of calibers or who need to carry out various reloading steps on a single round.

Types of Turret Press:

  • Manual Turret Press
  • Automatic Turret Press


Flexibility is one of the key benefits of a turret press. The reloading operation can be completed in phases on a single cartridge without changing presses or dies because changing out dies is rapid and simple. In the long run, especially if you reload a variety of calibers, this can save you a ton of time and work.

Turret presses have the additional benefit of being less expensive than progressive presses. Even though it might not be as quick, it still has many of the same advantages, like precision and consistency.


Turret presses have the disadvantage of being slower than progressive presses. Reloading a lot of ammo can take longer because you have to manually change out dies for each step of the procedure. Moreover, since there is more room for human error during the reloading process, turret presses might not be as reliable as progressive presses.

Ideal users

A turret press is probably your best choice if you want a more adaptable reloading press that enables rapid and simple die replacement. It’s a wise choice if you need to reload a single round in several different calibers or at various stages of the reloading procedure.

Progressive and Turret Presses: A Comparative

After examining the benefits and drawbacks of both progressive and turret presses, let’s compare them to make it easier for you to choose which one would be the greatest fit for your requirements.

Table of comparisons between progressive presses and turret presses

Factor Progressive Press Turret Press
Level of automation Fully automated Manual switching of dies
Speed very fast, multiple operations Slower, manual switching
Consistency Very consistent May not be as consistent.
Versatility limited to one caliber Multiple calibers and stages
Setup time Lengthy setup process Quick die changes
Cost More expensive More affordable
Maintenance More complexes require more upkeep. Requires regular maintenance.

Key variations

The degree of automation used in progressive and turret presses is their primary distinction. Turret presses need you to manually change out the dies for each stage, whereas progressive presses automate every step of the reloading procedure.

Cost: Because Progressive Presses are more expensive than Turret Presses, smaller enterprises with tighter budgets may find them less suitable. Yet, Progressive Presses might be more cost-effective for high-volume applications due to their speed and automation.

Speed: Because of their automation and capacity to handle several tasks at once, Progressive Presses are substantially faster than Turret Presses.

Efficiency: Progressive Presses are more efficient for mass manufacturing due to their speed and automation. For more versatile projects or smaller operations, turret presses are more effective.

Precision: For complex operations, Progressive Presses are typically more precise than Turret Presses. With the right setup and tooling, Turret Presses can still produce accurate parts.

Maintenance: Because of their complexity and automation, Progressive Presses require more maintenance than Turret Presses.


Progressive and turret presses share several similarities despite their variances. Both kinds of presses allow you to reload ammo according to the same specifications each time thanks to their accuracy and consistency. Each of them also needs routine upkeep to stay in good working order.

There are pros and cons to each.

It’s crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both a progressive and turret press before making your decision. Progressive presses are more efficient and reliable, but they also cost more and take more time to set up and maintain. Turret presses, on the other hand, are more adaptable and less expensive, but they work less quickly and might not be as reliable.

Which one should you pick?

Your particular requirements and preferences will ultimately determine whether you choose a progressive press or a turret press. A progressive press is most likely the best option if you need to quickly and effectively reload huge amounts of ammunition. A turret press might be a better choice if you’re searching for a more flexible press that enables you to reload several calibers and carry out various reloading steps on a single cartridge.


Both turret presses and progressive presses have benefits and drawbacks. Which type of press is most suitable for you can be determined by taking into account your unique requirements and preferences. Purchasing a high-quality reloading press is a wise investment that can ultimately save you time and effort, whether you opt for a progressive or turret press.

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